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A perfect time for discovering beauty of plum blossoms: Join us to explore and appreciate plum blossoms at Shanghai Fish Time:2024-01-17

  As the season heralds the first blooming of plum blossoms, the early-blooming plum blossoms at Shanghai Fish are already starting to unfurl. The branches are adorned with budding flowers, patiently waiting to bloom, dancing gracefully in the wind, and emanating a delightful and enchanting smile.

  "As the spring returns in the midst of wind and rain, and the flying snow welcomes its arrival, the cliff has frozen with hundred-feet icicles, yet the flowering branches remain charming." The resilient plum blossom, defying the harsh cold and frost, has been praised by people since ancient times. Chairman Mao, in his poem The Tune of Bu Suanzi: Ode to the Plum Blossom, captures the resilient essence of plum blossoms, which embody the valiant and steadfast character of Communist Party members who remain true to their original aspirations with high spirits in the face of difficulties and challenges.

  Amidst the cold winter, the exquisite plum blossom blossoms, heralding the arrival of spring adorned with a profusion of blooming flowers as a messenger of hope.

  The admiration for plum blossoms goes beyond their resilient spirit that arises from bitter cold; it also stems from their serene beauty amidst the cluster, exuding a sense of tranquility. Moreover, they embody the sentiment of a slender figure standing proudly on a cliff, diffusing a subtle fragrance that permeates countless households.

  The early-blooming plum blossoms at Shanghai Fish this year feature the enchanting plum blossoms in cinnabar purple form and a plum variety of Jiang Mei. As the temperatures start to rise, it marks the perfect time to seek out and appreciate these blooming treasures. If you have a fondness for plum blossoms, why not join in the search, exploration, and appreciation of these delicate flowers?