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National Accreditation! Fengxian, the place you reside in, recognized as "Livable City with Favorable Climate in China" → Time:2024-01-24

  On January 23, the China Meteorological Administration issued anAnnouncement regarding the Evaluation Results of the Climate and Ecology Brand Creation Demonstration Activities for 2023. Fengxian District has been honored with the title of "Livable City (County) with Favorable Climate in China."

  It is reported that "Livable City with Favorable Climate in China" is a national climate emblem, which represents the authoritative recognition of the comprehensive endowment of high-quality climate and ecological resources. In the evaluation, a total of 39 cities across the country have been granted the honorable title of "Livable City (County) with Favorable Climate in China."

  Fengxian, situated in the southern part of Shanghai, is blessed with the proximity of the Huangpu River to the north, the Hangzhou Bay to the south, and the Yangshan Port to the east. Covering a land area of 733 square kilometers, it stands as a picturesque coastal city. In August 2021, the Several Policies and Measures to Support the Lingang New Area of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone to Accelerate the Construction of an Independent and Comprehensive Node Coastal City were introduced. Nearly two-thirds of Fengxian's entire territory has been incorporated into the new area of the pilot free trade zone, bringing forth a multitude of development opportunities for Fengxian, such as being the main base for the new area, the vanguard for new city construction, the home to rural revitalization, and an important manufacturing hub in Shanghai.

  In its dedicated efforts to foster the development of green industries, Fengxian has been acclaimed as the "Capital of China's Cosmetics Industry." The district has received honors such as the "National Civilized Urban Area," the "National Sanitary Urban Area," the "2021 China's Most Ecologically Competitive City," and one of the "Top 10 Leisure Cities in China in 2018." Currently, Fengxian District is actively striving to become a "National Ecological Garden City" and a "National Forest City."

  Endowed with a livable climate According to the Technical Specifications for the Creation of Livable Cities (Counties) with Favorable Climate in China (Revised in 2023) and the evaluation indicators and methods outlined in the Climate Resource Evaluation for Livable Towns (QX/T 570-2020), Fengxian District has shown that both the excellence rate and premium rate are in compliance with the evaluation criteria for livable cities with favorable climate in China.

  Fengxian is bestowed with a moderate climate, well-defined seasons, abundant rainfall, and favorable climatic conditions. It falls under the subtropical monsoon climate, with an average annual temperature of 16.5℃, an annual precipitation of 1,241.1 millimeters, 131.6 rainy days per year, an average relative humidity of 79.7%, an average wind speed of 2.8 meters per second, and an annual sunshine duration of 1,911.3 hours.

  There has been a noticeable increase in the frequency of days that offer favorable conditions regarding temperature, precipitation, humidity, and wind. On average per year, Fengxian sees 133.6 days with suitable temperatures, 93.9 days of moderate precipitation (making up 71.4% of the total precipitation days), 171.4 days with favorable humidity, and 271.0 days with favorable wind. Both of the climate comfort indexes have been rated as "excellent." The perceived comfort lasts for a duration of 8 months, making every month throughout the year suitable for vacationing. Overall, there are fewer unfavorable climate conditions, with no tornadoes, sandstorms, or severe cold weather. Drought, strong winds, and calm weather are extremely rare occurrences, along with the fewest number of hot days among all districts in Shanghai, being two-thirds less compared to Xujiahui District.

  Fengxian boasts a pleasant climate and ecological environment and benefits from its advantageous natural geography, characterized by the convergence of rivers and the sea. As a result, the region offers a plethora of captivating climate landscapes including morning mists, seaside sunsets, vibrant rainbows, picturesque snowscapes, and crystal-clear skies. Moreover, it boasts distinctive water landscapes, such as marine, forest, wetland, lake, estuary, and coastal river areas, making it an ideal destination for ecological tourism.

  Progress achieved in the ecological improvement efforts

  The fruitful achievements in ecological development have been made. Fengxian is devoted to fostering an urban waterfront landscape that embodies the charm of the Jiangnan region (south of the lower reaches of the Yangzi River), the characteristics of a canal town, and the harmonious integration of blue and green elements. This paints a beautiful picture of a canal town in Jiangnan, with all ecological indicators ranking among the top in Shanghai.

  Ecological vibrancy of the new city emerges. Fengxian New City serves as the political, economic, and cultural center of Fengxian District, and was recognized as the "Shanghai Low-carbon Development Demonstration Zone" in 2017. A multitude of urban cultural projects, including the Nine Trees Future Art Centre, Shanghai Fish, and Yanzi Memorial Hall, have been put into operation. An ecological corridor with the South Shanghai Central Park at its core that is underway divides the city into a harmonious, ecological, and livable 15-minute living circle.

  Fengxian is home to a green industry cluster: With due consideration of climate-specific resources, climate carrying capacity, and ecological system functionality, the low-carbon industries have been witnessing flourishing growth. These industries primarily focus on the core fields of new energy, including photovoltaics, wind power, nuclear power, and hydrogen energy. In addition, the Fengxian-Lingang intelligent manufacturing industrial belt is being developed, with a strong emphasis on key sectors such as high-end medical devices, sensing control and instrumentation, and robotics.

  Fengxian is becoming a more livable place through the rural rejuvenation strategy. By building rural tourism attractions such as the Fengxian Cauliflower Festival, Fengxian aims to promote rural areas as beautiful homes, green fields, and happy paradises. It is making a big push to develop germplasm resource agriculture, smart agriculture, and branded agricultural practices. The national geographic indication agricultural products, such as Fengxian yellow peaches and Zhuangxing honey pears, have become beloved favorites among the urban dwellers. Our efforts are aimed at enhancing the rural landscape, integrating urban functionality, and crafting vibrant, bustling, and convenient "rural community living circles."

  Climate comfort: A place of poetic residences

  Upholding the concept that "climate is fundamental to people's well-being," Fengxian District is set to incorporate the development, utilization, and conservation of climate resources into the "15th Five-Year Plan" for the district's development, as well as the construction of Fengxian New City and the Free Trade Zone, aiming to establish demonstrative effects that can be widely applied and duplicated in four fronts.

  A demonstration has been established in the construction of a super large new city benefitting from climate empowerment. By scientifically harnessing the advantages presented by climate and ecological conditions, Fengxian is building "hundred-mile urban greenways, thousands of acres of surrounding forests, and tens of thousands of acres of ecological green cores."

  A demonstration has been established in the integration of climate resources into the development of green industries. Taking full account of climate-specific resources, climate carrying capacity, and ecological system functionality, efforts are being made to enhance the rational allocation of industry, functions, population, land, and other factors. Furthermore, there is a strong emphasis on the development of eco-tourism, beautiful and healthy lifestyles, as well as low-carbon industries.

  A demonstration has been established in ensuring the well-being of the people by leveraging a livable climate. Fengxian is fully harnessing the demonstration effect of the livable climate brand, and has released the "Nine Trees Meteorological Index," in a bid to create a new pattern of rural revitalization in the context of international metropolitan areas. Furthermore, the advocacy for a green and low-carbon lifestyle and the promotion of pilot low-carbon zones further contribute to these efforts.

  A demonstration has been established in addressing climate challenges in mega-cities. Preventative measures and mechanisms have been devised to counter extreme weather events such as typhoons and high temperatures. Detailed assessments and forecasts have been carried out to evaluate the effects and risks of climate change, with a specific emphasis on coastal areas. This includes a refined evaluation and prediction of wind energy resources in these areas.