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Please find the first weather forecast of the Dragon Year below: Time:2024-02-10

  Today's weather: Wake up to sunshine on the first day of the new year! Morning temperatures remain quite low, with suburbs experiencing sub-zero temperatures, while Xujiahui Station in the city records 3.5°C. The day is overall sunny to partly cloudy, with temperatures steadily rising, expected to reach around 14°C. Coupled with the joy of the New Year, there's a warm feeling in the air!

  Some suburban areas experienced fog with visibility less than 500 meters in the morning. Due to pollutant transportation and stable weather conditions, there is light to moderate haze today, and sensitive individuals should take appropriate precautions when going out.

  Tonight, cloud cover will increase, and brief showers are expected to join the festive mood, lasting only a short while. Those outdoors should take note and pay attention to driving safety.

  Tomorrow's weather: The clear skies continue on the second day, with the warm weather persisting. The minimum temperature is expected to be 5°C, with a high of 14°C, and winds from the west to northwest at levels 3 to 4. Temperatures will rise significantly during the day, but it will remain quite cold in the early morning and evening. When going out for leisure or visiting relatives, continue to dress warmly.