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In the First Week Back to Work, Allow Us to Present You with a Wave of "Spring Blossoms" for Your Enjoyment | Celebrating New Year in Fengxian Style Time:2024-02-21

  As the spring flowers bloom, signaling the beginning of the year, it marks the joyous start of good days and the most vital sense of ceremony. The spring flowers of Fengcheng have come into bloom, with plum blossoms, forsythia, and camellias competing in beauty and fragrance.

  Spring returns to the earth, with flowers as messengers; the awakening of spring begins with plum blossoms, and unknowingly, it has entered the best season for plum appreciation. The various colors of plum blossoms romantically and beautifully adorn the city.

  March is not autumn, yet golden blooms fill the branches. The sister flowers of spring, competing in bloom, forsythia symbolizes prophecy and eternal beauty, carrying hopes for a beautiful future in this splendid spring light.

  Camellias bloom in the nourishing spring, their smiles casting a fresh outlook on the flowing years. Amidst gentle spring rains and breezes, camellias sway elegantly, their flowers and leaves dancing, displaying their charming and lively beauty.

  Clusters of pink Meiren plum blossoms burst into bloom in early spring, their radiant, dreamy vigor awakening the earth's long-hidden winter thoughts. Fengcheng in spring is enchantingly beautiful and full of life.

  With the arrival of spring, the earth begins to don a tapestry of colors, inspiring us to embrace the magnificent spring with warm hearts.

  Let's go forth and embrace spring!