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Embarking on a Blossom-Filled Journey: The 2024 Flower Festival Is Set to Herald Spring Time:2024-03-13

  all things awaken with the arrival of spring, the promise of beauty and renewal beckons. The transition from winter to spring marks the season of plum blossoms, heralding an exquisite rendezvous between Xiancheng and the springtime. In Fengxian, the spring awakens amidst the splendor of blooming plum blossoms.

  The 11th Shanghai Plum Blossom Festival, under the banner "Forest City, Green and Beautiful Xiancheng," has significantly contributed to Fengxian District's efforts to establish a national ecosystem garden city and a National Forest City. These initiatives have garnered widespread affection from citizens.

  With the gentle warmth of the spring breeze and the sequential blooming of spring flowers, the Flower Festival, a series of distinctive events imbued with romance and healing, is on the horizon, ready to take you on a delightful spring date!

  The Flower Festival

  Commonly known as the festival of the Flower God, the "Birthday of a Hundred Flowers," or simply the Flower God's Birthday, this traditional festival is celebrated by the Chinese nation. During the festival, people venture outdoors to admire the blossoms, an activity known as "going on a spring outing." Girls decorate flower branches with colorful paper cuttings in a tradition called "admiring the red," commemorating the birthday of a hundred flowers. This day, infused with romantic allure, also becomes a gathering for young women, who come together to play, meet, and make friends. Unmarried girls particularly enjoy admiring the red, paying homage to the Flower God, indulging in flower cakes, engaging in flower commands, and praying for vitality and beauty akin to that of flowers.

  This year's Flower Festival promises an array of fascinating activities and surprises at Haiwan National Forest Park that you won't want to miss.

  Activity Details:

  Date: Saturday, March 16, 2024

  Time: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

  Location: Tangmei Hall, Haiwan National Forest Park, Shanghai

  Special Offers:

  The first 100 visitors to register for the event and wear Hanfu (traditional Chinese clothing) to the park on the day of the activity will enjoy complimentary admission.

  Registration QR Code:

  Registration Period: March 12 to March 13 (on a first-come, first-served basis)

  Kind Reminders:

  1. Wearing Hanfu to the park on the day of the event will also unlock limited-edition exclusive benefits.

  2. Visitors who secure free admission must exchange their online registration for a physical ticket at Gate 2 of the Forest Park between 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM on the day of the event.