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Spring Camping in Fengxian: A Trendsetter on Social Media→ Time:2024-03-21

  It's time to embark on the season's first camping trip! Step away from the urban bustle for a brief respite; with the sky as your canopy and the earth as your bed, dwell amongst nature, charging your life with healing and embracing the freedom of the wilderness. This weekend, set out to explore the fun and picturesque camping spots in Qingcun Town, Fengxian District!

  Wild Times Camping Base

  Address: South of No. 105 Wufang Village, Qingcun Town

  Camping Info: Located in Wufang Village, a model village for rural revitalization in Shanghai, this site is a true "Peach Garden of Fengxian." Ideal for family camping, no personal gear is required here. With its sprawling lawns and pure white tents dotted around, it offers a literary and tranquil niche for campers.

  One Flower One Wood·Live in the Sun

  Address: No. 620–622 Liyao Village, Qingcun Town

  Camping Info: Hidden within the city, Liyao Village offers a serene escape from worldly strife. In the splendid spring light, one can relax, soak up the sunshine, chat with friends, and enjoy afternoon tea in utter contentment. This location is also a "photography paradise," with its "Sunset Pact" on the lawn making it a must-visit for all campers.

  Xijian Wild Camping and Lure Fishing Base

  Address: No. 667 Huajiao Central Road, Qingcun Town

  Camping Info: Surrounded by green trees and grass, this site boasts fresh air and a pleasant environment. It features not only Snow Peak tunnel tents but also tents with private bathrooms, cleverly integrating camping and lure fishing. The camp's waterways, shaped like an "8," circulate water 24 hours a day, not only ensuring good water quality but also creating a creek-tracing landscape for an unparalleled creek-tracing camping experience without leaving Shanghai.

  Shanghai Zhiquyuan Cultural Exchange Center

  Address: No. 154 Luoshen Road, Qingcun Town

  Camping Info: The Shanghai Zhiquyuan Cultural Exchange Center, with its core in pheasant breeding and ecological farming, offers educational activities that blend learning with fun, catering to families, team building, outdoor camping, birthday parties, and salons. Visitors are welcome to bring their own camping gear for a spring barbecue fest!