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Exciting News! A New Kindergarten to be Built in Fengxian Time:2024-04-10

  In a move to further optimize the allocation of educational resources and meet the enrollment needs of school-age children in the vicinity, Qingcun Town in Fengxian District is set to construct a new kindergarten. Positioned conveniently near Qingcun Port to the east, Qingcun Port Road to the south, Nanming Road to the west, and adjacent to plot 16-01 to the north, the site offers both easy access and a pleasant environment.

  The project encompasses a total land area of 7,197.8 square meters, with the main construction comprising a three-story kindergarten building. This new structure will have a total floor area of 6,411.65 square meters; a floor area ratio of 0.87; a building height of 14.95 meters; a perimeter wall spanning 316.95 meters in length and 2.2 meters in height.

  Beyond the main building, the kindergarten will emphasize the creation of an inviting outdoor environment. Wide roads, flat activity spaces, and tree-lined green spaces will provide children with a comfortable, natural setting for growth. Here, they can run freely, play, and experience the charm of nature.

  Let us look forward to the completion of this new kindergarten, where we trust future generations will joyously grow and flourish.