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Where to Go This Weekend? Come Enjoy the Countryside Feeling and Spring Outing in Fengxian! Time:2024-04-19

  When besieged by the hustle and bustle and pressures of urban life, longing for an idyllic retreat, why not explore this picturesque countryside? Stroll through the most beautiful villages, immerse yourself in the essence of spring, and allow your spirit to soar freely.

  Tianxin Tea Room

  A quaint teahouse brimming with stories, nestled quietly among blossoms and bamboo, whispering the charm of traditional Chinese culture. Here, you can engage in the art of "tea brewing by the stove," enjoy a leisurely afternoon tea, savor local snacks from Wufang, and experience the tranquil and delightful ambiance unique to the Jiangnan countryside.

  Yumu Garden

  A trendy plant café space known for its Instagrammable setting, Yumu Garden combines coffee, tea, and dining in a leisure setting that ingeniously brings the allure of nature indoors, creating an environment that feels like a verdant forest. Here, you can enjoy exquisite beverages and experience the joy of camping indoors.

  Tianxin Agricultural Creative Market

  An excellent location for experiencing culture and savoring life, this market features an array of handmade crafts and cultural creative products. Walls lined with peach soda bottles are a feast for the eyes. Here, you can choose your favorite goods and enjoy a unique shopping experience.

  Wushili Homestay

  A haven away from the urban clamor, returning to the natural ecosystem—an ideal rural abode. Here, you can put aside the demands of daily life and feel a long-missed sense of ease and comfort. Additionally, each homestay in Wufang Village has its unique theme and style, offering true nourishment and relaxation for the soul.

  Wufang Fishing

  On the fishing platforms of Wufang, whether in groups of three or five, anglers bait hooks, cast lines, reel in, and unhook fish, forming a beautiful landscape of their own. Here, time seems to slow down as you enjoy the pleasures of fishing and savor the rhythm of life. Willow branches gently brush against the riverbank, flowers scatter brightly against the spring light, and as you run along winding paths with the spring breeze on your face, the warmth is palpable. Take advantage of the fine weather and come to Wufang Village in Qingcun Town to feel the harmony and tranquility of nature, tasting the simplicity and beauty of the countryside.