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Stunning! A "Floral Butterfly" Arrives at Jinhai Lake Nianfeng Park Time:2024-05-16

  Recently, a beautiful "floral butterfly" graced the Jinhai Lake Nianfeng Park, settling by the lakeside and becoming a striking scenic highlight.


  The "floral butterfly" is actually a nickname for a flower bed located within Nianfeng Park, directly facing the Goldfish Square. Covering an area of approximately 325 square meters, its official name is "Lake Light Butterfly Shadows". From the Endless Bridge, one can admire the flower bed's landscape, which resembles the wings of a butterfly, fluttering gracefully along the edge of Jinhai Lake.


  The renovation of this flower bed has added vibrant colors to the existing green landscape, combining the brightly colored, lively Dance of Spring flowers with the elegant pampas grass to create a layered, vivid visual effect. The gentle breeze enhances its dynamic and lively impression, giving it a lifelike presence.