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Dragon Boat Festival Approaches, Hands-On Teaching You How to Wrap Zongzi, Even the Clumsy Can Easily Learn! Time:2024-05-09

  As temperatures rise, the fresh scent of tender bamboo leaves soothes the soul; choose leaves of moderate width for making zongzi!

  Ingredients Preparation

  Glutinous rice, bamboo leaves, rice straws

  Meat Zongzi: Marinated pork belly

  Sweet Zongzi: Red dates, red beans

  Preparation Process

  Rinse the pre-soaked glutinous rice and drain. Season with light and dark soy sauce for color and flavor, and mix well.

  Stack three bamboo leaves, roll them into a funnel shape, add glutinous rice to half of the funnel, place the pork belly inside, then cover with more rice and press down.

  Fold the top end of the leaves over the funnel, press the sides gently, then fold the tips of the leaves to one side, and finally secure tightly with rice straws.

  Mix red beans into the glutinous rice, clean and pit the red dates.

  Follow the same method as for the meat zongzi.

  Once all the zongzi are wrapped, trim the tips of the leaves for identification.

  For meat zongzi, cut the leaf tips and rice straws straight; for sweet zongzi, cut them diagonally.

  Finally, start with cold water, bring to a boil, and simmer for three hours until the zongzi are fragrant and tender. Try making some yourself!