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"Nantang Hotline" 52212345 Officially Launched! Mainly Handling These Matters Within the Jurisdiction of Nanqiao Town Time:2024-05-24

  On the afternoon of May 22, Nanqiao Town held the launch ceremony for the Nanqiao Community Hotline 52212345, known as the "Nantang Hotline".

  To further expand the government's channels for focusing on public welfare and listening to public opinion, to quickly and efficiently resolve citizen appeals, and to continuously enhance citizens' sense of gain and happiness, Nanqiao Town has established the "Nantang Hotline".

  Nantang Hotline: 52212345

  Service Hours:

  Weekdays from 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM; 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM (Summer hours adjusted according to working hours).

  Scope of Acceptance:

  The "Nantang Hotline" primarily addresses issues within the jurisdiction of Nanqiao Town, handling work orders such as those redirected from the 12345 citizen service hotline, repeated complaints, and complex cases: such as group rentals, residential-to-nonresidential conversions, neighborhood parking, illegal constructions, uncivil pet keeping, property service quality, property reappointment, new property appointments, homeowners' association elections, term renewals, uneven community roads, lack of greenery, maintenance of greenery, green space encroachment, neighborhood environmental hygiene issues, open-air burning, river pollution, nuisance from cooking fumes, noise pollution, unlicensed street operations, non-payment of migrant worker wages, illegal charging of electric bikes, "three-in-one" violations in shops, illegal operations in businesses, unlicensed operations, community fire lane blockages, falling overhead cables, high-altitude object dropping, and other issues.

  The launch of the "Nantang Hotline" has established a new platform for information exchange between the government and the people, created a new window for resolving public issues, and formed a new link with the community. This further enhances the timely handling, actual resolution rates, and satisfaction of citizen appeals. With a solid approach and efficient service, the "Nantang Hotline" is truly becoming a "hot" line.

  52212345 "Nantang Hotline" promises immediate attention and efficient handling, turning concerns, annoyances, and worries into reassurances, satisfaction, and heartwarming solutions!