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A beacon of love: "Igniting Passion, Fulfilling Dreams 2024" charity bazaar event organized by Jinhai Subdistrict brings warmth to winter season→ Time:2024-01-16

  A single spark can ignite a mighty fire. On the afternoon of January 14, New Era Civilization Practice Sub-center in Jinhai Subdistrict, together with the Jinhai Street Community Volunteer Service Center, the Shaohu Community Neighborhood Committee, and the "Spark" New Era Civilization Practice Volunteer Service Team, jointly organized a charity bazaar event themed "Igniting Passion, Fulfilling Dreams 2024."


  The charity bazaar was organized into three zones: Convenient Services, Charity Sales, and Charity Fundraising. More than ten stalls were set up on-site. Notably, many enterprises also set up their own stalls at the charity bazaar, joining hands to "ignite the spark and fuel a spreading fire." Now, join me to take a closer look at the scene.

  By offering doorstep convenience services, the service counter became a busy destination, with a continuous flow of residents seeking assistance. The scene was filled with convenient services that gained immense popularity among the residents, such as knife and scissor sharpening, online medical consultations through "Doctor Plus Doctor," haircuts, clothing alterations, key duplication, and more.

  Additionally, Jinhai Subdistrict set up dedicated stalls on-site for promoting awareness on fraud prevention and anti-cult education, further enhancing the residents' vigilance against scams and various safety issues. These activities allowed the residents to enjoy convenient services while enabling them to experience the care and warmth from the community.


  The charity stalls were abuzz with the enthusiastic calls and shouts from various businesses. Participating in this charitable endeavor were enterprises such as Liege Property Services, Yifeng Pharmacy, Kashi Skincare & Styling, Pocket Bread, Well Fruit, Weili Pet Hospital, Platinum Hanjue Hotel, and Milk Ground.

  In April 2023, members of the "Spark" New Era Civilization Practice Volunteer Service Team in the Shaohu Community initiated a volunteer service program titled "Sending Love to Those in Need Far Away." The program aims to deliver essential learning materials and daily necessities to children and villagers in the Gaohan Village in Yunnan, on an irregular basis.


  On that day, members of the team also set up a donation stall, engaging more residents in the practice of civilization service for a new era. Many kind-hearted individuals in the community generously contributed their unused winter clothing, and a significant number of residents eagerly took part in making monetary donations, infusing the entire neighborhood with the warmth of compassion.

  "I heard about the charity bazaar held at Wanjingfeng. I think it's very meaningful, so I decided to bring my child along to set up a stall. It can be a great opportunity for my child to hone skills and also contribute to a meaningful cause," said Ms. Wang, a resident of the residential area built in Phase 2 at Wanjingfeng, who had signed up her child, Ye Zhiou, for a stall at the bazaar a few days before.


  At the event, young Ye Zhiou captivated the residents with a mesmerizing violin performance, performing an enchanting repertoire including My Country and I,Jasmine Flower,Blue and White Porcelain, andLonely Warrior. The soothing sound of the violin added a touch of ambiance to the bazaar.

  Through the charity sales and fundraising activities at the bazaar, a total amount of 3,449 yuan was raised. All the funds raised will be used to purchase essential daily necessities and educational supplies for the elderly and children in the Gaohan Village of Yunnan Province.

  The charity bazaar, serving as a platform for public welfare, successfully intertwined convenience-oriented lifestyle services with philanthropic activities. Through the platform built internally and resource expansion externally, the bazaar delivered diverse service programs to bring "little happiness" to residents while fostering a strong sense of community-driven philanthropy. The Shaohu Community is poised to take further action by promoting an innovative model of community-level governance under the guidance of Party building. By continually kindling the flames and extending the reach of the "Sending Love to Those in Need Far Away" program, the community endeavors to foster a strong atmosphere of friendship, mutual assistance, and self-governance with a human touch.