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Title Confirmation and Registration Center of Fengxian District Bureau of Planning and Nature Resources delivers convenient and efficient registration services Time:2024-01-23

  Recently, the Title Confirmation and Registration Center of the Fengxian District Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources has successfully completed the registration of the certificates of housing with full property rights for two residential complexes. In an effort to streamline the process of issuing property ownership certificates for small property owners, the center implemented comprehensive extended hours services for consultation and preliminary checks, service acceptance at the comprehensive service counter, and others. Key staff members were assigned to handle the peak demand in certificate processing during weekends. Simultaneously, the center provided real-time access to the tax department for deed and property tax inquiries, enabling the efficient processing of nearly 200 applications. Furthermore, it was also tasked with handling queries pertaining to restrictions on real estate transactions. Despite the shortage of personnel and pressing tasks, the team went the extra mile and successfully completed nearly 400 pre-purchase restriction queries for two newly constructed housing projects. These efforts have been highly praised by businesses and the general public, thanks to the provision of high-quality, convenient services.

  Upholding the service principle of "prompt action and excellence," the center prioritizes the needs of the community. With a keen focus on convenience and public satisfaction, it actively addresses the concerns and urgent matters of the residents, ensuring their access to prompt, efficient, and considerate government services.