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Creative Chinese New Year Celebration: Taking "Blessings" Home | Loving Shanghai and life, celebrating Spring Festival through heartwarming activity Time:2024-01-29

  As the Jade Rabbit bids farewell to the old year, the Golden Dragon welcomes the Spring Festival. To promote the splendid traditional Chinese culture and create a warm and harmonious festive atmosphere to celebrate the joyous arrival of the Spring Festival, the Women's Federation of the No. 1 Neighborhood Committee in Fengpu District cordially invited fellow women staying in Shanghai for the Chinese New Year to take part in the "Creative Chinese New Year Celebration: Taking 'Blessings' Home" Spring Festival themed Blessing Barrel handcrafting activity.

  At the event site, the staff of the neighborhood committee introduced to everyone the Chinese New Year themed blessing barrel that symbolizes abundant wealth and prosperity, with the yellow persimmons implying that everything goes well and the golden ginkgo leaves symbolizing health and longevity.

  Following a demonstration by the staff, everyone eagerly began their hands-on activity, assembling and embellishing the Blessing Barrel according to their individual tastes. They inserted flower materials one by one and adjusted the extension of the branches to their liking, while also hanging miniature lanterns and decorations with different shapes to convey good wishes. Alongside their flower arrangements, they shared the customs and cultural traditions of Chinese New Year celebrations from their respective hometowns, creating a warm and festive atmosphere.

  As the Chinese New Year approaches, families gather together in joyous reunions. For these fellow women who are far away from their hometowns, they brought the festive Blessing Barrel back home, infusing a touch of warmth and vitality. Alongside their loved ones, they will immerse themselves in the rich festive ambiance and experience the care from the heartwarming community, making the winter days during the Spring Festival even more warm. This exemplifies the lively and vibrant nature of the "Chinese New Year."