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Welcoming the New Year with Jubilance, Lighting Up the Dragon Year | A Unique New Year Celebration in Fengxian Time:2024-02-09

  Welcoming the Spring Festival, celebrating the grand New Year. In recent days, the parks, blocks, and ancient towns of Fengxian have been adorned with festive decorations, spreading the ambiance of the Spring Festival far and wide. Wherever the eye lands, one can capture beautiful moments, effortlessly securing the prime spot in the New Year's circle of friends.

  The Fish City Park and Guhua Park in Shanghai have donned new attire, drawing citizens and tourists to pause and admire. The District Greenery Bureau, focusing on traditional Chinese elements, has decorated with Chinese lanterns, festive firecrackers, Chinese knots, and Dragon Year mascots, among other festive elements. These, combined with sculptures and landscaped greenery, evoke an atmosphere of joy, celebration, positivity, and thriving prosperity.

  This year, with primroses, pansies, and tulips as the main floral arrangements, the landscaping of 16 district-managed green spaces, including citizens' parks and Pearl Square, has been further optimized. More than 90,000 pots of flowers have been used, with vibrant Chinese reds bringing a warm festive atmosphere to the winter roads.

  From February 9 to February 17, the district's landscape lighting switched to holiday mode. On New Year's Eve, landmarks such as the TV Tower, Telecom Building, Greenland Emerald, Greenland Future Center, Southern Headquarters Building, Business School, Greenland Ark, Greenland Supreme, Green Court Building, and Fengpu Building illuminated the skyline from 6:00 PM until 12:15 AM the following day. During the Spring Festival, the lighting schedule was adjusted to 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

  As the new year approaches, we embark on a new journey, pursue new objectives, and achieve new successes. We wish everyone a prosperous, lucky, and fortunate new year.