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This is Fengxian's Springtime Promise, Where the Plum Blossoms at Jinhai Lake Bloom in Profusion→ Time:2024-02-28

  Now, it's the season when mid to late varieties of plum blossoms flourish. Serving as messengers of spring, the plum blossoms at Jinhai Lake have already burst into bloom, dancing in the wind, welcoming the arrival of spring with a myriad of flowers alongside citizens and tourists alike.

  Yesterday morning, as journalists stepped into Jinhai Lake Nianfeng Park, the rare warmth of the sunshine gilded everything in sight. The park was a picture of tranquility, with occasional visitors strolling and admiring the scenery. By the lakeside, clusters of plum trees bloomed unrestrainedly. Even before approaching, a delicate fragrance was already in the air, refreshing the soul. The blossoms, radiant in pink and white, bloomed with grace and ease, presenting the vigorous vitality of early spring face to face.

  "The primary flowers in the park now are plum blossoms, along with cluster camellias," explained Zhang Yongping, a senior engineer at Shanghai Jiukeshu Park Management Co., Ltd. The plum blossoms in the Jinhai Lake park cluster are scattered across various parks, with Nianfeng Park and Centreville Amusement Park having relatively concentrated plantings. Currently, the varieties blooming in the park are mainly mid to late season ones like cinnabar, jade butterfly, and green calyx, which can be enjoyed until around mid-March. "We've also planted a lot of cherry blossoms in Pao Pao Park and Centreville Amusement Park, which should bloom by the end of March, nicely following the plum blossoms."

  Recently, the greening department has launched this year's "Adopt a Tree Online, Building a Forest City Together" campaign, with many citizens who participated in the adoption receiving notifications from the "Shanghai Greening Adoption Platform" about their adoption period expiring. Citizens wishing to continue their adoption can renew their support within three months before the expiration date by operating on the platform.