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"A Village of Countless Trees" Enhances Fengxian's Rural Landscape: The Forest City Is Right Among Us→ Time:2024-03-13

  Fengxian District's inclusion in the National Forest City initiative and its ranking as the first among the initial "Shanghai Forest Villages" in terms of quantity reflect the district's confidence in pursuing a high-quality development path guided by an ecosystem priority and green development. This confidence also serves as a driving force for continued progress. During this year's tree planting festival, Fengxian's forestry department continues to promote the "A Village of Countless Trees" campaign, aiming to set forth a new blueprint for a Forest City and gradually paint a "Fengxian scroll" depicting harmony between humans and nature.

  It is reported that Fengxian's forest coverage rate increased from 12.39% at the end of 2015 to 17.18% at the end of 2023. The "A Village of Countless Trees" campaign, a distinctive feature of the effort to create a National Forest City and a key measure to enhance forest coverage, saw the completion of the distribution and planting of 540,000 fruit tree saplings in 2023, benefiting approximately 92,600 farming households.


  In 2023, Jinhui Town distributed over 60,000 saplings, and the 18 villages that planted these saplings are now reaping their own harvests.


  Xu Yinhua, a villager from Xinqiang Village, is diligently pruning fruit trees alongside neighbors. In the newly established "pocket gardens" within the village, the variety of fruit trees is ever-increasing, including peach, pear, orange, and loquat trees. Seeing these thriving saplings, Xu Yinhua can't help but smile at the sweet taste of the forthcoming harvest. "Since some of the orange trees planted last year have already borne fruit, everyone feels rewarded for their efforts. That's why we've applied for more this year. Everyone is actively maintaining and pruning them, hoping for even better and more plentiful fruits this year."


  "The more you plant, the tastier they become." Villagers of the celebrated village, including Xia Lihui's family, have tasted the fruits of their labor. Surrounding their home, persimmon, orange, and loquat trees thrive robustly. "As we grow older, our family and sisters can come back to pick and enjoy the ripe fruits. Should there be a surplus, we're happy to share with others who haven't planted any."


  The "A Village of Countless Trees" initiative, serving as a significant measure to boost forest coverage, is not only a highlight in Fengxian District's journey to becoming a Forest City but also an engineering project for the public welfare.


  Xinqiang Village in Jinhui Town, recognized as part of the second batch of rural revitalization demonstration villages in Shanghai, has seen all 127 resident families participate in the "A Village of Countless Trees" campaign, contributing to the creation of pocket gardens. Here, villagers unite to beautify their rural environment. Newcomers plant their favored fruit trees, seasoned experts share their knowledge, and leisure times are often spent in the gardens, chatting and laughing... Through this process, the bonds within the community have only grown stronger.

  "Some uncles in our village voluntarily help us prune and guide us with their technological expertise. We all discuss how to make our homes better and more welcoming, everyone offering their suggestions," shared Xu Yinhua, whose family moved back after the new village construction. Initially, the completely transformed rural landscape took some getting used to, but the communal tree planting and nurturing brought back the warmth of the old home. "Now, everyone feels a great sense of harmony."

  The "A Village of Countless Trees" has delivered tangible benefits to the people, not only enhancing their sense of belonging to their hometown but also raising awareness, support, and participation in forest creation efforts across society.

  "My wish is for every tree to bring us moments of happiness. I learned about Grandfather Deng Xiaoping's tree planting in my language classes, and I hope the trees I plant will also offer beautiful scenery to others," shared students from Jiefang Road Elementary School in Fengxian District. During the tree-planting festival, they ventured into Shenlu Village in Nanqiao Town, planting golden osmanthus and late-blooming cherry trees—marking the first involvement of urban youth in the "A Village of Countless Trees" initiative. This not only contributes to the creation of forest villages and cities but also sows the seeds of ecological civilization in the hearts of young people.


  "This year, the plan is to distribute 320,000 saplings, making a total of 860,000 over two years," introduced Tang Jihong, head of the Fengxian District Forestation Office. After surveying the actual needs of various towns and streets, this year's fruit tree sapling distribution has been adjusted and enriched. The "A Village of Countless Trees" initiative also adapts to local conditions, aligning with rural revitalization and the construction of beautiful rural demonstration villages, increasing the distribution volume for villages with specific needs, thus aiding their successful creation.

  "Fengxian District has now officially been shortlisted for the National Forest City initiative," stated Tang Jihong. Moving forward, the forestation office will use the next two years to comprehensively increase the district's forest coverage, solidly push forward the construction of the National Forest City, and cultivate an atmosphere of participation, building, and sharing by everyone.