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Urban Builders' Town for "Digital River and Sea" Opens, Providing Housing for 2,000 Frontline Workers | Leaping Forward to a New Chapter Time:2024-03-21

  Cities rely on the hard work of frontline builders; these builders, in turn, need the care and attention of the city. On March 20, after more than two years of development, the "Digital River and Sea" Urban Builders' Town in the new district of Fengxian, Shanghai, has entered its residency phase. This town, designed to support the "Digital River and Sea" project, is equipped with residential housing, dining facilities, sanitary showers, recreational amenities, and public green spaces, mirroring the standard of a "residential living community" and capable of accommodating over 2,000 frontline builders.

  Located at the intersection of Jinhai Road and HSBC North Road in Fengxian District, the "Digital River and Sea" Urban Builders' Town spans 50 acres. From an aerial perspective, the elongated town is just a road's distance away from the construction site of the first phase of the "Digital River and Sea" project. Beyond the convenience of living close to the worksite, the town boasts restaurants, supermarkets, barbershops, laundromats, basketball courts, drying areas, and non-motorized vehicle charging stations, fulfilling the daily needs of its residents. Around noon, workers are seen returning to the town, ready to rest or dine.

  "Digital River and Sea," co-developed by the Lingang Group and Fengxian District, is Shanghai's first fully digitalized international industrial urban district. Scheduled to be completed in seven phases over ten years, it is a showcase project for Shanghai's "five new towns" and the flagship project of the new Fengxian District. Considering the large project area, the extended construction period, and the builders' desire for more comfortable living conditions, in 2022, Lingang Group's subsidiary Lingang United Company allocated 50 acres of land and RMB 50 million to develop the Urban Builders' Town according to community standards. The town is open to frontline builders at a monthly rent ranging from RMB 300 to 500 per bed.

  Currently, the first phase of the town has welcomed over 700 workers, and the second phase is set to fully open in April, providing accommodation for an additional hundred workers.