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No Garden Can Contain the Burst of Spring: Magnolias, Early Cherry Blossoms, and Plum Flowers Bloom in Succession Time:2024-03-28

  Recently, as temperatures gradually rise and the essence of spring intensifies, various flowers in Fengxian's Four-Seasons Ecological Park have started to bloom competitively, displaying a kaleidoscope of colors and transforming the garden into a picturesque scene. Many citizens and tourists alike have ventured out of their homes to enjoy the blossoming flora and partake in spring outings. Magnolias, plum blossoms, camellias, and other flowers are vying for attention, some in full bloom while others are just budding, yet their pistils are clearly visible. The vibrant spring colors have attracted a plethora of citizens and tourists to visit and capture these moments. Citizen Aunt Chen shared with reporters, "I had some free time today, so I decided to take a stroll in the park with my sister. The weather is lovely in the morning, and the flowers are blooming beautifully." Aunt Chen, who is also an avid flower enthusiast, enjoyed playing a flower-identification game with her sister, admiring the yellow plum blossoms, white magnolias, and butterfly orchids among the greenery, along with the tricolor pansies they came across. "There are so many beautiful flowers to see," she exclaimed.

  Aside from local citizens, some tourists have made special trips to admire the blossoms. A tourist lady, while taking photographs, told reporters that she is not from the area but was drawn to this "Downton Abbey-like" location after seeing it on TikTok. "Walking in, I was greeted by a multitude of blooming flowers. Although there aren't many cherry blossoms, the ones that are blooming are incredibly beautiful. I've taken a lot of photos," she said.


  The blooming flowers, nestled among budding branches, with red petals set against green leaves, evoke the fresh atmosphere of early spring. Underneath the blooming cherry blossom trees, there are leisurely strolling tourists and couples taking photos against the spring scenery, capturing the hearts and cameras of many visitors. According to reports, Fengpu Four-Seasons Ecological Park has planted over 120 types of ground cover and greenery, ensuring that there are blossoming flowers almost every month. "Currently, magnolias and camellias are in bloom, which will fade by the end of the month, but many more flowers are set to bloom following that," introduced Mr. Gu Zhaofeng, the park director and Deputy Director of the Fengpu Avenue Development Comprehensive Service Center. He added, "Our park routinely performs partial repairs on larger lawns and makes small-scale adjustments to the landscaping, allowing visitors to experience a greater variety of greenery."