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Around the Corner, Beauty Awaits: Fengxian Welcomes Four New Pocket Parks Time:2024-04-10

  Isn't it uplifting to encounter a "small yet beautiful" pocket park just a short walk from home? Recently, Fengxian has been graced with the addition of four such parks, each offering a corner of beauty to explore. Let's delve into the details together.

  Shao Hua Garden, nestled within the lush surroundings of Fengxian District’s Greenland Nanqiao New Estate (Huan Cheng East Road - Gao Zhou Road area), boasts an entrance flanked by the E-mart supermarket and Fengjiao Yuan Primary School. Surrounded by densely populated residential areas, the park has been transformed to cater to leisure, fitness, recreation, and children's activities, spanning an area of 7,602 square meters.

  Designed to offer year-round beauty, meticulously crafted maple forests, wisteria corridors, cherry blossom gardens, and floral landscapes form the park's seasonal tapestry. The garden's diverse forms and vibrant colors are connected by pathways that weave through the residential areas, creating an oasis of life where citizens can immerse themselves in nature's tranquility amidst urban hustle and bustle, embracing the verdant gardens within the city.

  Hai Tang Garden, located on the west side of Beigang in Nanqiao Town (Jiefang West Road - Nanzhong Road area), adopts "Floral Splendor" as its design concept. With crabapple trees as its botanical theme, the park makes the most of its natural terrain by ingeniously integrating flowing water elements into the landscape over an area of 4,235 square meters.

  It establishes a harmonious blend of rhythm, ecology, and vitality through a themed landscape system. A circular sports track connects various functional areas within the park, including a dance square, children's play area, fitness facilities, and shaded walkways, offering citizens both the beauty of nature and the joy of physical activity. This makes it an oxygen-rich living space suitable for all ages.

  Shi Fang Garden, situated at the southeast corner of Nanting Highway and Huan Cheng West Road, is bordered by street-front shops to the east and a big supermarket across the road to the west, mainly surrounded by residential areas. By reorganizing the existing trees and adjusting internal roads, an unbounded urban garden has been created for the citizens, covering approximately 2,660 square meters.

  Focused on aromatic plants, the garden retains existing osmanthus trees and adds fragrant shrubbery like sweet osmanthus and aromatic flowering plants such as Gardenia jasminoides, creating focal points of fragrant flowers at entrances and nodes to foster a landscape where flowers bloom in all seasons, filling the air with their delightful scent.

  Zhong Xia Garden, located at the southwest corner of the intersection between Far East Road and the North Canal Road, adjacent to Swan Bay community, leverages the site's existing lush tree environment. The plant design centers around hydrangeas, aiming to create a cool summer retreat adorned with clusters of flowers, covering approximately 2,800 square meters.

  The garden utilizes elevated steel grating walkways, combined with the naturally concave terrain, to form a winding rain garden. The walkway is flanked by a magical mirror of hydrangea blooms, featuring a variety of species including Hydrangea macrophylla, H. quercifolia, H. paniculata, and climbing hydrangeas. With their large clusters and vibrant colors, the garden bursts into a dazzling display of blooms by early summer, offering a feast for the eyes.