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Shanghai (International) Flower Exhibition at the Fengxian Venue Opens on April 28 – A Sneak Peek into "Blossoms in Southern Shanghai" Time:2024-04-19

  The 2024 Shanghai (International) Flower Exhibition bloomed in the city on April 18. The Fengxian venue, one of six sub-venues, is set to open on April 28, enhancing the region-wide flower exhibition in Fengxian District. How is the scene preparation going? Let's take an advance look!

  According to Liang Xueyu, the exhibition coordinator at Lvwen Cultural Creativity, this year’s Fengxian sub-venue features roses and hydrangeas as its signature blooms, centering around Jinhai Lake and Pao Pao Park. The exhibition spans approximately 100,000 square meters and will be open for viewing until the end of May.

  With just over a week until the opening, several attractions are poised to dazzle visitors. The tobacco flower sea has already been planted and set up, awaiting the bloom to unveil a vast pink floral sea. “The tobacco flower's message—'No love but yours'—resonates with several other romantic themes at the exhibition,” said Chen Guozhang, design director at Lvwen Cultural Creativity. Taking advantage of the tobacco flower’s characteristic of blooming from day to night, this year’s addition of a windmill installation cleverly designed to face upwards makes the afternoon the prime time for photo opportunities during the exhibition.

  "Fish Leap in Jinhai" is one of the most popular landmarks in Jinhai Lake. This flower show has placed digitalis, symbolizing 'secret love and passion', around the carp sculpture. Visitors walking through the romantic floral arrangement will be greeted by a colorful floral vista. Zhu Lin, a designer at Lvwen Cultural Creativity, explains that the mixed floral setting includes the Juice Balcony and Blue Storm rose varieties, combined with large petunias, golden rain, and wood sage, creating a visual effect of "Fish Leaping Through Flowers" when viewed from above.

  At the "Summer Dream of Flowers" attraction, visitors will find themselves in a mythological realm reminiscent of Roman legends, akin to scenes from the brush of British painter Evelyn De Morgan in "Flora." Here, the theme flowers—roses and hydrangeas—are paired with orange dahlias and cone chrysanthemums, narrating the love story of Flora, the goddess of flowers, and Zephyrus, the west wind.

  The theme of this year's exhibition, "Blossoms in Southern Shanghai," features eight thematic attractions, two competition divisions, and two thematic exhibition areas. Let’s look forward to the full splendor of the "Blossoms in Southern Shanghai" flower exhibition after its grand opening!