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Applause for Good Deeds! Two Citizens of Fengxian Act to Save at the Crucial Moment Time:2024-04-28

  On the afternoon of April 24, 2024, a citizen riding an electric bicycle across the Jinhuang Road bridge over the Yinshui River in Daxiao Village, Situdian Town, accidentally hit a railing and fell, suffering a head injury with profuse bleeding.

  When the citizen lay unconscious, Zhang Haiyang, a social worker from the Situdian Town Civil Affairs Office, and Qian Xiaomin, a civil affairs officer from Daxiao Village, were nearby visiting residents in need. "We saw a crowd gathering and the scene was chaotic, so we immediately went to find out what happened. It was the first time we encountered such a situation, and we were quite scared," said Qian Xiaomin. After learning that some kind-hearted bystanders had already called for emergency assistance, the two quickly decided to divide tasks. Zhang Haiyang took charge of guiding pedestrians and vehicles and setting up safety warnings to protect the scene and maintain order, while Qian Xiaomin cared for the injured person and tried to revive their consciousness. Once the injured person regained consciousness, they were advised to lie flat to prevent further injuries.

  It is reported that the injured citizen was transported to the hospital and is no longer in life-threatening danger.