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A Blossom-Filled Journey! Fengxian's "Rose Avenue" Transforms into a Sea of Flowers Time:2024-05-09

  May's gentle breezes and the sunlight spilling over streets and alleys coax the roses into a poetic and picturesque bloom. With the weather so inviting, why not step outside for a stroll and enjoy the breeze?

  Whether walking, cycling, or waiting for a bus along Oriental Beauty Valley Avenue, you might find yourself captivated by the clusters of exuberantly blooming roses on the medians.

  Spreading along the roadside or hanging low, red, pink, yellow... various colors interweave to form nature’s purest palette, adding a vivid splash of color to the early summer city.

  Wandering among them, one feels as if they have plunged into Monet's gardens.

  With the breeze gentle and the sunlight just right, let's walk this flowery path together!