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Where to Play on Children's Day: "Flowers of Shanghai" Awaits Your Check-in → Time:2024-05-31

  No matter how old you are, happiness is ageless!

  Big friends and little friends who are young at heart, the clarion call of Children's Day has sounded! The Children's Day themed event jointly created by Flowers of Shanghai Jiansheng Growth Hub and Shanghai Fengxian Xincheng Jinjiang City Service is now released!

  Flowers of Shanghai, as the South Shanghai Science and Art Sub-center, is committed to building a highland of quality education and bears the important mission of setting sail for children's dreams. On this special day of Children's Day, Jiansheng Growth Hub has created a day full of surprises and joy exclusively for parents and children.

  Here, a parent-child interactive game area is set up, where you can blow bubbles and play with water guns (bring your own water guns and change of clothes) with your children... Let everyone forget the pressures of life, take a ride on a time machine back to childhood. Parents can also rediscover the joy of childhood here, playing with their children and letting the innocence and vitality of childhood be fully released.

  As the first state-owned enterprise-operated comprehensive quality education complex, Jiansheng Growth Hub brings together many high-quality education brands. This event will showcase featured projects in the form of science, innovation, and artistic experiences. Unmanned aerial vehicle flight control, science and innovation show performances, AI human-computer interaction, Radish Man vs. Machine Battle, Rubik's Cube Challenge, four-wheel drive racing, robot Mata... There will also be many art and sports experience projects on site. Through on-site project displays and experiences, it will broaden the horizons of young people and further stimulate creativity and imagination.

  Joy Market (open all day)

  Each exquisite little stall, where parents and children can check in at the cultural and creative market, enjoy delicacies, creative handmade items, experience intangible cultural heritage, and reminisce about toys from the 80s...

  Little friends are welcome to come and explore Flowers of Shanghai on the day and spend a happy and wonderful time!

  Event time: Saturday, June 1, 10:00-16:30;

  Event location: Flowers of Shanghai Youth Activity Center Building 8, No. 6258 Dongfang Meigu Avenue