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When the Dragon Boat Festival Meets the New Era Civilization Practice, a Good Life Comes in "Zongzi" Time:2024-06-10

  The Dragon Boat Festival is full of sincere patriotism and also condenses people's life wisdom of following the natural laws and seeking good fortune while avoiding harm. In order to actively respond to and carry out the "I Spend the Festival at the New Era Civilization Practice Center" series of civilization practice activities according to local conditions, on the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival, Nanqiao Town uses colorful civilization practice activities as a carrier.

  Extensively carrying out the "Our Festival · Dragon Boat Festival" themed activities, enriching the "branches and leaves" of traditional festivals, let the Dragon Boat Festival and civilization practice collide with each other.

  The Fragrance of Zongzi Leaves, Affection Enters Thousands of Families

  The Nanqiao Town Federation of Trade Unions drove the "Happiness Express" - "Nanqiao Happiness Special Train" into the "150 Resettlement Base" to bring warm Dragon Boat Festival greetings to the workers. On-site there were stalls for union services, medical services, talent promotion, women's promotion, consultation on safeguard policies, legal consultation, convenience services, anti-fraud and anti-drug, truly bridging the "last mile" of serving workers.

  In order to further carry forward the spirit of role models, honor advanced models, gather the power of advocating virtue and kindness, and continuously improve the level of social civilization, Nanqiao Town took the Dragon Boat Festival as an opportunity to actively carry out consolation visits to advanced models, and relied on the "Warm Dragon Boat Festival · Salute to the Worthy" activity to send the care and warmth of the organization, encouraging them to play a good exemplary role in leading the social atmosphere of Nanqiao.

  Piece by piece, zongzi leaves carry full intentions; grain by grain, glutinous rice is full of good wishes. The jurisdictions of Nanqiao Town actively organized the delivery of Dragon Boat Festival condolence items such as zongzi and rice to elderly residents, disadvantaged groups, etc., as well as sincere festival blessings, to understand their recent life and health conditions, listen to the voices of the "silver-haired" and the demands of families in difficulty, and the warmth gathered and resonated in the hearts of the masses.

  The Fun of Dragon Boat Festival, Enjoying Life with "Zongzi"

  Shuguang No. 2 Residential Area carried out a Dragon Boat Festival themed activity with the theme of "Mugwort Leaves Filling the Hall, Celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival with Joy". Under the detailed explanation and guidance of the teacher, the residents successfully completed the production of mugwort hammers, while experiencing the joy of doing it themselves, they also felt the strong cultural atmosphere of the Dragon Boat Festival.

  The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching midsummer, and Zhengyang No. 2 Residential Area leads the children to encounter green reeds and swim in the green childhood. Fold and pinch, everyone swings the reed leaves and unlocks the diverse ways to play with reed leaves together. Children experience the fun of traditional festivals in nature and have a different understanding of traditional Chinese folk culture.

  Guhua No. 1 Residential Area, with the theme of "Taste the Dragon Boat Festival and Inherit Civilization", organized residents to carry out a special performance of traditional opera excerpts from various schools, guiding citizens to respect and inherit traditions, and practice socialist core values in actual experience. On the stage, the actors performed with deep affection, and the compact program and superb acting skills won continuous applause from the residents. This cultural performance promoted excellent Chinese traditional culture in a vivid way and further enriched the spiritual and cultural life of citizens.

  Energetic Dragon Boat Festival, Guarding Health

  In order to expand the cultural connotation of the Dragon Boat Festival and enrich the spiritual and cultural life of flexible employment personnel, the "Affectionate Dragon Boat Festival, 'Zongzi' Enjoying Happiness" 2024 Nanqiao Town Flexible Employment Personnel Orienteering Competition kicked off. The orienteering competition has a total of 5 points, and interesting games, Hanfu experience, handicrafts, anti-drug knowledge Q&A, integrity promotion and other exciting links are connected, allowing participants to experience the unique charm of traditional culture in practice.

  The Grand Canal Neighborhood Committee carried out the themed activity of "Fragrant Sachets Filled with Love on the Dragon Boat Festival". Doctors from the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine introduced the functions of Chinese herbs such as mugwort and tangerine peel and the benefits of wearing sachets to everyone, and performed cupping and scraping for residents, promoting the Dragon Boat Festival health culture to be more normalized and long-term.

  The scent of mugwort leaves is in the air again, and the time is approaching the Dragon Boat Festival. Zhangwengmiao Village held the "Enjoy the Dragon Boat Festival and Play Table Tennis Wonderfully" Dragon Boat Festival Table Tennis Challenge to provide a stage for table tennis enthusiasts to showcase themselves and exchange skills. Through the form of sports competition, it enriches the spare-time cultural life of villagers and gives the traditional Dragon Boat Festival dynamic vitality.