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Wufang Village Time:2022-11-07

Wufang Village is among the first batch of model villages for rural revitalization in Shanghai, and was hailed as China’s Beautiful Village and National Key Village for Rural Tourism. The village launched phase one of the model village project in May, 2018. With a focus on rural cultural tourism, it brought in industry and cultural tourism-related capitals, and built the Yellow Peach Industrial and Cultural Creative Park, which consists of industry, start-up, experience and supporting sections.

Inside the village there is a reception (offering information, services, recreation, transport and tour guide), catering zone (including desserts, Chinese cuisines, farm cuisine, snacks market, cafés and Japanese food), a village history museum (with images, texts and exhibits that demonstrate 300-year history of the Wufang Village and relevant historical figures), Banshanyi Boutique Inn (a refined retreat in the Taohuayuan), Wuqun’s Studio (committed to inheritance of the Yue Opera), fish pond (where the national fishing competition with livestreaming is held) and so on. Meanwhile, the village offers various rural experiences, such as stove cooking, field camping and all kinds of team building activities. In short, the village is becoming the prime destination for a break from cities.