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Zhuangxing Rape Flower Scenic Area Time:2022-11-07

The Zhuangxing Rape Flower Scenic Area is seated in the Zhuangxing Township, Fengxian District, which boasts profound history and culture, and is known as the Land of Fish and Rice to the south of the Yangtze River. At the scenic area, you may see old trees, smell rural specialties and remember sweet hometown. It’s also where the Hanguang China, a provider for national guests, is based. The tea sets used by heads of foreign countries at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai and gifts from China’s leadership to Barack Obama, former Presidents of the USA, were manufactured in Zhuangxing. The scenic area integrates the planting and farming of famous, special and premium agricultural products, R&D of new varieties, rural tourism, farm catering, accommodation and entertainment. Through all-out efforts in planning and development, it has been named the model site for national agricultural tourism, first batch of recommended agricultural tourism destinations in Shanghai, national AAA tourist attraction, demonstration site for national agricultural recreation and rural tourism, and China’s Beautiful Farm. Zhuangxing Township is worth visiting all year round for rape flowers in spring, mutton eating throughout hottest days in summer, new harvested rice tasting in autumn, and folk performances in winter. And it’s well known for rural tourism in Shanghai, Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang Province. The scenic area draws attention of residents in Shanghai to suburb trips and farm sightseeing. Tens of thousands of mus of rape flowers are blooming and glittering in spring. Pink peach blossoms and white pear blossoms are scattered among rape flowers, making a colorful painting of the water-front township in spring. Fresh and dazzlingly yellow, rape flowers in Fengxiang and spring drizzle are like light-paced music over the field. You may enjoy the view of rape flowers, taste fruit, vegetable and gourmet, watch folk performances, and have fun with your family at the prime destination for family recreation. It’s a yellow sea with fragrance reaching you from everywhere through spring breeze. And you can take your time and have tea in old cottages dotted in the oilseed fields. The Rape Flower Festival was held for 9 editions, attracting 5 million Chinese and foreign tourists. The Zhuangxing Rape Flower Scenic Area has become a brand for classic rural tourism in Shanghai.