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Gulf Forest Park Time:2022-11-07

The Gulf Forest Park is a national AAAA tourist attraction and national demonstration zone for eco-tourism. Seated inside the Wusi Farm, Fengxian District, Shanghai, it used to be part of the East China Sea, and is currently the largest manmade ecological park in Shanghai. The park covers an area of approximately 16,000mu with more than 3 million plants and trees of 342 species in 79 families. It has a large lake surrounded by forest. The park also boasts China’s largest plum garden, which is home to over 420,000 trees of 2,000,126 species, including national endangered species like Cinnamomum micranthum, Neolitsea sericea and Phellodendron. There is also wetland and pond in the park. Tourists can fly kites, ride horses, organize barbecues, or have fun with amusement rides. The park fully integrates nature and entertainment. There are flowers blooming all year round, such as impressive plum blossoms, cherry blossoms and lotuses. Despite seasonal changes, the serene forest remains splendid. Through more than a decade of construction, the park is home to 245.1 hectares of waters, such as the Bainiao Lake (580mu) and Plum Garden Lake (172mu), and has formed winding tranquil water landscape. Moreover, there are 135 hectares of plum flowers, including over 126 species and more than 42,000 trees. It has 18 national endangered species, like the Cinnamomum micranthum, Neolitsea sericea and Phellodendron. The park also offers habitation for birds in the Category II of National Protected Birds, including eastern marsh harrier, northern goshawk, common kestrel, peregrine falcon, great cormorant and lesser coucal. There are more than 140 species of wild birds in 10 orders and 32 families. Under the guidance of close to nature forestry, the Gulf Forest Park has built the ecological chain of plants, animals and micro-organisms and its manmade landscape with distinctive form of forest. It also has rich tree skyline. Scenery abounds in the park all year round, especially in autumn, when there are fire-red Triadica sebifera and Chinese firethorn, golden Sapindus saponaria, and gorgeous Taxodium distichum by water. The average negative air ion concentration can reach 2020/cm3. It has become the largest artificial “green lung” in Shanghai. On August 29, 2007, Xi Jinping, then Secretary of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, visited the park, and spoke highly of it: the largest park in Shanghai has scenic view and abundant oxygen for leisure and wellness.