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Jinhai Lake Time:2022-11-07

Jinhai Lake, also known as the “Fish of Shanghai”, features a goldfish shape formed through land excavation. It’s the second largest artificial lake in Shanghai. Within the area, there is the Fengxian Museum, Fengxian Planning & Resources Exhibition Hall, Nianfeng Park, Bubble Park, Sculpture Art Park and Youth Art Park. Besides, the newly built JW Marriott Shanghai Fengxian, also the 50th hotel of the Marriott International, Inc. in Shanghai, was put into operation in the beginning of this year. Inspired by the unique surrounding natural landscape, the hotel adopted the design concept of “Kun Leaping over Jinhai Lake” in its exterior. The entire area fully integrates the natural landscape, architectural art and lake. It has become a landmark for scenic view and recreation in the Fengxian New Town, and a newly added must-visit attraction for residents in Shanghai.