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Huating Seawall Time:2022-11-07

The construction of the Huating Seawall was initiated in 1725 and completed 10 years later. Over 20km long in total length, it’s a main part of the Jiangnan Seawall built in the Qing Dynasty. In May, 1996, while the roadbed of the Fengcheng-Zhelin Road was expanded, the Huating Seawall in Fengxian was exposed. It was about 3.9km long, 3 meters wide in the bottom, 1.0 to 2.5 meters above the ground, and 1.5 meters wide in the top. The seawall was built of limestone and granite stone bars, including approximately 200-meter model section of the Jiangnan Seawall. There are over 30 inscriptions on the seawall, such as “Well Fortified”, “Relied on Forever”, “Estuary Stone”, “Long Prosperity”, “World at Peace”, and “Farm Protection”. The section was exquisitely crafted and looked majestic. It’s hailed as the “Mini Great Wall in Shanghai”. It’s not only a unique sight in Fengxian, but also the largest magnificent historical and cultural legacy in the suburb of Shanghai. In October, 2019, the Huating Seawall in Fengxian was included in the eighth batch of the Major Historical and Cultural Sites Protected at the National Level.