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Blue Sea Sands Time:2022-11-07

Located inside the Fengxian Bay Tourism Area, the south end of Shanghai, the Blue Sea Sands covers an area of 2.81km2. It’s the largest sea park in Shanghai. Standing and swaying in the wind along the 30-meter green belt on the periphery of the beach are dozens of Phoenix canariensis and a row of 4-meter-tall palm trees, as if you were in the tropical south. The most eye-catching view is the 50-meter-wide beach, which looks like a golden dragon reaching out to the sea under the dazzling sunshine. The beach covers over 70,000m2, one of the largest manmade beaches in China. In 2007, the Blue Sea Sands was named the “National Water Conservation Scenic Area” by the Ministry of Water Resources of the People’s Republic of China. It was rated as the national AAAA tourist attraction in October, 2008, won the title of “Famous Trademark” of Shanghai in 2014, and became the four-star sports tourism and recreation base in Shanghai in 2016.