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Yusui Village Time:2022-11-07

Yusui Village is one-of-a-kind farming village and a national AAA tourist attraction. It’s a top destination for family trip and recreation, a training camp for enterprises to build their teams and get ready for the way forward, and a must-visit place for people to learn about and understand new rural villages, and experience rural tourism and the Xiangxian culture. Seated at No.2229, Jinhai Road, Fengxian District, Yusui Village covers a total area of 320 mu. It’s conveniently located and easily accessible with the Fengxian Bay Tourism Area in the south, Jinhai Road, the trunk road in Fengxian District, in the east, Hongmei South Road Tunnel passing the village, and next to stops in the extension of Line 5 (to be operated). In addition, the village is a modern agricultural eco-tourism and experience base that integrates special and premium grape planting, tourism and hands-on projects for the youth; it’s also the Shanghai science education base, municipal demonstration area for agricultural standardization, and a national demonstration site for agricultural recreation. Over the years, Yusui Village has been contributing to rural tourism in Fengxian District and Shanghai on the whole, and improving and upgrading itself. The village rose after renovation in 2013. Today, it’s scenic, green, well-appointed, fully functional and known as the tourism demonstration site with distinctive characteristics of beautiful village in south Shanghai.